Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cool wood/metal coffee table - Murray Coffee Table

Murray Coffee Table

This table is made of old oak reclaimed from the floors and ceilings of American textile mills finds new life in our simple, soulful furniture.  Set on linear steel frames, the thick planks are    washed with sheer gray paint to highlight and preserve their distressed character.

Inset spacers make the wood top appear to float above the clean-lined metal base.  Nicks, scuffs and other evidence of its former history lend the wood rough-hewn character. Base is made of square-stock steel, expertly welded and hand finished.  A matte acrylic sealant protects the painted wood, while glossy lacquer seals the raw steel against rust.

Due to the nature of reclaimed materials, each table is unique.
63" x 32" x 15" high; 94.5 lb.
Made in USA. Crafted from reclaimed oak in North Carolina.
A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
$1,250 (January 2014)


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